Paddy Read - Pasquale

Paddy Read - Pasquale
born on Crout Street, Providence (Federal Hill)

Started Boxing t age 10 at the Federal Hill House

Inducted into the Sports Hall of Fame 4-24-05

-photo Courtesy of Michale Belsito


  1. Paddy Read used to come to my family's restaurant "Smith's Restaurant occasionally. He was a nice man with a gentle smile.

  2. I met Paddy Read in the VA Hospital in Providence RI I was so surprised when I met him and said that when I was a kid, me and my best friend of 45 years a who deceased, we would watch boxing and wrestling on Saturdays at his house. and I saw him then. whoa! I feel so good that I actuallyl met him. Thanks Paddy
    If you read this I am Pierre

    1. were is he at which state is he in the hall of fame