East Side Mario's

menu circa 1996


  1. I remember eating a their Pleasant Valley Parkway location. Salads were good, but there's 100 other Italian restaurants in the area, of course.

  2. I remember the Providence location vividly (where the IHOP is now)! It was a great time visiting there. The Statue of Liberty out front and the inside to me as a kid was like in awe of the decor! There was a flashing beacon light I remember, a bridge, or a train. The waitstaff running around wishing someone a happy birthday!

    I remember getting the Italian wedding soup with the meatballs, fettuccine Alfredo, and the chocolate mousse. Way before I knew what chicken parmigiana was. By no means authentic but it was good for its time! I once remembered getting the Italian wedding soup and it being sooo spicy! My dad took a bite of it and even he was shocked! It was a big ball of black pepper in the soup. Someone in the kitchen was being funny.

    I remember being so sad when this location and the rest in the United States closed. It was probably my first experience with chain Italian restaurants as a kid. They’re all in Canada now where they’re originally from. I’ll have to visit again sometime since I think East Side Mario’s is like the Canadian version of Olive Garden in America LOL!