CRESCENT PARK, Riverside, RI - Originated in 1886 - 1979 

  Considered to be "The Coney Island of New England" 
it was most spectacular of all of Rhode
  Island's Victorian-era amusement parks. 
Amusement parks in those days included boating,
  games, picnics, music, tunnels of love, and, noteably, carousels. 
Crescent Park known for a grand carousel with 62 hand-carved figures 
and four chariots - carousel figures date from
  1905 to 1910. Constructed by Charles I.D. Looff.
  - It was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1987. 

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Click to enlarge -  Ad from 1969!!
  - Courtesy of Robert Schwartz


  1. The most beautiful Merry- go- round in the world. I also found this to be the only place I could meet up with my " Romeo" from Rivetside as a teen

  2. The last time I was here was in 1974. I brought my wife and children to visit my parents and we went to crescent Park. I had to let my little girl ride the merry-go-round while I held her. Went so fast the two of us almost fell off. The Carousel is still there - right?

  3. Yep remember this place fondly. Where is the Merry Go Round?

    1. Still there in season. Closed for the winter.