1. I had the pleasure of working for Valueland, for 9 years, mid 80's to early 90's...what a great bunch of people that worked at Valueland, Johnston. I still maintain some friendships from those I had the pleasure of working with...thank you for posting this photo, great memories that take me back a long time!! Jennifer..Johnston

  2. I wish we could still email this blog. I found, serving as a bookmark in one of my college textbooks, a receipt from the Smith St. store dated 9/16/85 when I was a student at good old RIC. They charged .03 for bags and the price of Ramen noodles hasn't changed in 27 years!

    1. I worked at valueland from 83 to 86 in the Seekonk store, I remember the good times there. I used to buff the floors and I worked from 6am to 12pm. Those were the days.

  3. Next to K-Mart in Johnston the one I remember

  4. I have very fond memories as young boy shopping at Value Land in the mid 80's with my mother and older brother (Seekonk Location). I remember I used to beg my mother for various breakfast cereals, Bazooka Joe gum (Party box), and Garbage Pail Kids cards! She also used to buy some of the old Sci-Fi VHS cassettes that were conveniently placed near the check out isles. I also to used sneak out to go next door to K-Mart to check out the latest Gi-Joe and Transformer figures just to pass the time.
    Thank you so much for posting this ad! I had forgotten what their logo looked like. I believe the words were green and orange if I'm not mistaken. I still get good vibes when I drive by that plaza! Best ~ J.M

  5. I remember this big abandoned supermarket on Smith street in Providence, where the Little Caesars / Aldis is now. This post just put two and two together for me with a bit of help from Google Earth.

    Does anyone know the reasoning as to why they closed and how the building managed to be left in disarray for years to come?

  6. My mother was actually in a commercial for Valueland. We used to shop at the Seekonk location...wonder how I can get a copy of that??