LUKE'S CHINESE, 59 Eddy Street, Providence. A plate of chow mein was 90 cents
and a plate of chow suey was only 5 cents more. The restaurant occupied two stories.
During the 1960s, the Lukes converted the cellar dining room into a Polynesian
themed restaurant called the Luau Hut, which served tropical cocktails and exotic dishes.
Photo by Jay Boersma


  1. awww, I used to work there as a waiter at the end of 1986 and beginning of 1987. they had the best dark chicken wings I've ever tasted still and the sweet and sour sauce was so simple and better than anything I've found elsewhere also.

    when I left I even went back for the "orgy" bowls, the sweet pink party beverages. delicious. it's too bad that city construction literally forbade people from entering and drove them out of business years after I left. it was a great place.

  2. Old memories of mom,dad,brother and I going to City for Christmas shopping and going to Lukes for lunch AWSOME

  3. Lukes with my work crew after working hours, oh the memories. We would feast on chicken wings, chow mein, and fancy drinks for reasonable prices. Those were the days.

  4. I grew up in that place! My grandfather opened it in the 1950's and my uncle Henry ran it until the 80's. My mom was a waitress and i used to hang out in the Luau Hut as a kid. Such great memories and glad to hear others enjoyed it.