JACK & HARRY'S, This small chain of stores would be very similar to
todays Benny's in its offerings
and set-up. They had about 20 stores throughout
RI and Massachusetts. In operation from the mid 1920s thru
the mid 1970s.
One was located on Exchange Street in Pawtucket.

photo courtesy of Robert Schwartz


  1. I remember Jack and Harry's I lived in RI and the joke was Where did you get your drivers lic? Jack and Harry's

  2. I Remember Their Christmas Toy Catalog...It Was The Best.

  3. I Remember Their Christmas Catalog...It Was The Best...We Would Pour Over It Again And Again...Hoping Santa Would Bring Us Our Favorite Toy...

  4. The outlet in Centerdale was my world-wide fishing outfitter headquarters, stocked with everything I needed for a day's expedition on the banks of the mighty Woonasquatucket River, seeking the wiley "kivver", perch and the ever-elusive small-mouth bass.

  5. I remember the Centerdale Jack and Harry's very well.It was located on the left side of Smith St( coming from the Johnston line)approximately 200 feet before Mineral Spring Ave. I bought my first 'playboy' style bike there in 1966 when I was 12. It was a Kent brand and was gold with black trim. It had 'monkey bar' handle bars, a 'banana' seat and a low 'sissy bar'. I bought it with the proceeds from my afternoon paper route delivering the Providence Journal/Evening Bulletin, whose office was located a block or two up from J&H on the opposite side of the street next to Moy's laundry and Nick the Cobbler, across from Winkleman and Finklestein department store(Wink and Fink to us locals). The newspaper office later became the original North Providence Boy's Club, where I spent countless hours growing up. It was next to Adams Drug store which was in the same block as my Uncle Alec's tailor shop. Centerdale was a very cool place to grow up in during the late 50's and 60's. To this day I think I can still name almost every business starting with Mancini Hardware, Community Theater all the way up to Gregory Organ Company and my Uncle Gene Ricci's dentist office. It all changed when they put in the by-pass, it pretty much ruined Centerdale for quite some time.

    1. It reminds me of the show 'I Remember Momma' when I was growing up and will always remain very special to me. 'Those were the times'.

  6. I remember the Fall River store very well! My father was the manager. We lover visiting Dad at work!! Once a month, on a Friday night, Dad would come home with a "surprise" from work.