MONTICELLO'S, was a premier men's clothing store owned by
the Barbato family. Located on Mineral Spring Avenue in North Providence,
It closed in 1994.The plaza that once housed only Montcello's
was subdivided and rented out.


  1. Now known as the Opal Plaza - across from Burger King on Mineral Spring Ave

  2. Or as the paper and news would put it "The Mobstercellos Meeting Palace"

  3. LOL never forget the huge "C" the FBI cut into Mr. Nick's tree and how all the "families" laughed for months about what obvious idiots they are. Or when Joe ran across the street with the gun to get the people who broke into the store at 3am, before the cops got there, and realized it was the feds, blowing their entire cover, to the point where they had no choice but to come into the store and take all the bugs out of the store in front of everyone because they were afraid Joe or Bobby were going to shoot them down for breaking in their property.....ahhhh the good memories!

    1. Wow, that's so crazy but awesome at the same time!