Green Stamps were a form of trading stamps popular in the United States
between the 1930s and late 1980s. They formed a rewards program operated by
the Sperry and Hutchinson company (S&H), founded in 1896 by Thomas Sperry
and Shelly Hutchinson. During the 1960s, the rewards catalog printed by the
company was the largest publication in the United States and the company issued
three times as many stamps as the U.S. Postal Service.
Customers would receive stamps at the checkout counter of supermarkets,
department stores, and gas stations among other retailers, which could
be redeemed for products in the catalog.

“I used to love to watch the cashiers turning the
S&H Green Stamps dial like a rotary phone.
I used to sit on my
grandmother’s living room floor licking
and pasting the stamps into the stamp books and I remember
trading them
in for a fishing pole, another time for a
Jr. Scientist Chemistry set.” - Boo DiFilippo, Providence
- Photos Courtesy of Boo DiFilippo, Providence


  1. We found some of these S&H green stamp books in the attic when we cleaned out mom's house after she passed away. I remember going to the redemption center, but the cool stuff always cost more stamps than we had. I think we got a toaster there once. We started going to Almacs because they gave away S&H stamps. Stop & Shop gave out the pink stamps, whatever they were called. Mom shopped at Almacs till they closed.

  2. Oh I remember S&H green stamps so well. I used to bring all my completed stamp books to the S&H green stamp redemption center on Buttonwoods Avenue, Warwick RI back in the 70's. In fact I still have a teflon coated alum. lasagna pan from them (teflon interior and a red exterior. I have been using this pan since the 70's and with the exception of the red fading from all the washing in my dish washer it still makes the best lasagna. I have never been able to find a duplicate of this pan. It is approx 32 years old and hope it last another 30 years.

  3. We also saved the Gold stamps from First National and some of the gas stations used to give them out also

  4. I must have a ton of Green and Gold stamp glue in my system from licking pages and pages of stamps. It felt like Christmas when we had enough saved to redeem them for something special. To my mom, it probably felt as though we got something "for free." ...memories from Twin Falls, Idaho.

  5. I just found 2 books of S&H green stamps,they have been in a box for years,wonfer if you can still use them.

    1. http://www.ehow.com/how_4542416_redeem-sh-green-stamps.html

  6. http://www.ehow.com/how_4542416_redeem-sh-green-stamps.html