Long before Cox Communications -


  1. I remember that. I always thought that cox was the worst name for a company. Dimension is a much better name.

  2. I remember those days. Do you still work for Cox?

  3. Dimension cable needs to come back to Newark ohio time warner sucks

    1. Adelphia really screwed up much that TWC is at fault as it operates a different system for digital cable.

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  5. Worked there myself for 2 months... They Screwed up the pay checks... Had to work a whole month with no pay,and about 3 meals... Most seriously mismanaged company I ever encountered... I wondered at first about my self... was it me, and not them ? Being given a hard driving test at the end of the days work, when you have not eaten in 4 days can leave a guy wondering who was at fault... Myself, Them, Both, Neither....???, but they did not last, and were acquired soon after... then all the people there lost their jobs, so I was told... I had a long Successful career in Key Telephone Systems, and then Microwave Combat Comm. System in the service too, and always liked the Companies, and was liked back as well, therefor I can say to people, do not let one bad apple turn you away from a career area that interests you... In Retrospect, I had to conclude along side the lack of ability to issue a simple by weekly pay check, that their training was non-existent, as was their managerial competence. I was young, but did not live with mom and dad like most of the newbies there... I needed a solid company, and they were not that, rather a Flashy name and a short term Co. that did well in a market that was highly lucrative, however they had no real "DIMENSION" to their Corporate long term plans, and floundered quickly when the slightest competition started from Cox. Comm. Inc. Conversely their tech dept. was pretty good, and I should have applied for that technical indoor work, but they all did get fired too, when Cox bought them out only a few years later... Still, I miss those days, no matter how challenging :-)

  6. To Those who worked there, and Think it was all roses and Candies... More like Pathological Date Rape buddy... No Apologies... Your Company had no real ethics, and sold out the hard work every faithful emp. there put in...

  7. Newark OH. sounds like a better branch... Ohio people watch each others 6... not always so in R.I. No Apology RI... A Spade is a Spade...