was an iconic department store in Boston, Massachusetts which
grew to be a major regional chain in the New England area of the United States.
In 1996,
the last of the Jordan Marsh stores were renamed Macy's.


  1. I remember the Jordan Marsh at Warwick Mall...it was the anchor store at one side of the mall and Filenes at the other end. This was the first time these two stores had been in RI. In the early 1960s, while visiting my aunt and uncle in Beverly, MA, we used to go to the Jordan Marsh store at Northshore, which was originally an outdoor shopping mall. My first tricycle came from the Jordan Marsh at Northshore.

    I also remember the downtown Boston store slightly.

  2. worked there during high school in the late 80's. they called me the executive stockboy. loved working there,great people.

  3. I have the recipe for Jordan Marsh's fantastic muffins !!