NARRAGANSETT PARK, was an American race track for Thoroughbred
horse races. It was built in 1934 and located in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Some
of its important races were the Rhode Island Handicap, Governors Handicap, and
the Narragansett Special. In its heyday, the track hosted races in which numerous
Thoroughbred greats competed such as War Admiral, Seabiscuit, and Gun Bow.
Competition for the betting public saw the facility close in 1978. The following year,
the city of Pawtucket bought the site for commercial and residential redevelopment.
All that remains of the grounds today is the grandstand building, which is in use as
an outlet for the discount retailer Building.
photos from intothesunstudio.com


  1. This is the "new" Narragansett Park. The original one was in Cranston, off Gansett Avenue and Park Avenue. Harness horses were originally run there, and the great "Dan Patch" once raced at the original park. It later became a car track, then was sold as a housing plat with the streets all named for car brands: Fiat Avenue, etc. For a long time the area was known as the Speedway.

  2. The Star Diner is working with the face book page "Narragansett Park Race Track" to hold an event later this year at the Star Diner for those people interested in the history of Gansett or worked at the park. This will be a reunion of sorts and a historical look back at the history of the park. If you have an inte...rest in this event please join the Narragansett Park Race Track Page on Facebook and express your ideas for making this an informative event.

  3. Narragansett Park

    Star Diner

  4. Was it this place or Lincoln that had the rabiit name Rusty..."Here comes Rusty!"

  5. rusty was the rabbit lure at taunton dog track on route 44 in taunton,ma.

  6. I remember going there once in the early 60s.
    My friend worked there (and Lincoln Downs) as a groom and walker.
    I now work for the company right next to the old Racetrack.
    Was building 19 &1/? until being sold last month.

  7. i live witjin sight of the park it is a big boy i alwso see the nursing home red died in, also i see seabiscuits street sign i laugh at 25 like that hourse would do that, but its red commitment, to die as close to him in heart, that horse still is viable, it moves me to see reds nursing home, funny how life is