S. S. KRESGE 5 & 10

S. S. KRESGE 5 & 10, Located on Westminster Street, Providence
Also located in Woonsocket & Warwick. Sold merchandise at a discount.
In 1977, the S. S. Kresge Corporation changed its name to Kmart Corporation.


  1. Kresge's downtown closed when I was very little (1963-64 maybe?) but I remember going there before it did so. It was still a very old-fashioned department store even then, with the low dark wood display cases with the glass tops, everything on shelves behind the counters, things in cardboard boxes, not plastic or "bubble packaging." I recall cheap little tin toys that wound up and moved which my mom wouldn't buy for me. The salesmen dressed in suits and the salesladies in nice dresses.

    1. I loved going to Kresge's and vividly recall the automated system of transferring money - the cash was placed in a tube and the tube went into a pipe that zipped it up to an office (I suppose). The whole thing made lots of noise and was quite exciting to a little girl.