CRESCENT PARK, Riverside, RI - Originated in 1886 - 1979 

  Considered to be "The Coney Island of New England" 
it was most spectacular of all of Rhode
  Island's Victorian-era amusement parks. 
Amusement parks in those days included boating,
  games, picnics, music, tunnels of love, and, noteably, carousels. 
Crescent Park known for a grand carousel with 62 hand-carved figures 
and four chariots - carousel figures date from
  1905 to 1910. Constructed by Charles I.D. Looff.
  - It was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1987. 

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Click to enlarge -  Ad from 1969!!
  - Courtesy of Robert Schwartz


  1. The most beautiful Merry- go- round in the world. I also found this to be the only place I could meet up with my " Romeo" from Rivetside as a teen

  2. The last time I was here was in 1974. I brought my wife and children to visit my parents and we went to crescent Park. I had to let my little girl ride the merry-go-round while I held her. Went so fast the two of us almost fell off. The Carousel is still there - right?

  3. Yep remember this place fondly. Where is the Merry Go Round?

    1. Still there in season. Closed for the winter.

  4. Great memories there, Rocky Point and Jolly Cholly's in Attleboro. I freaked out as a little guy on the JC's ferris wheel and had to be let off because I was crying so hard. I've never lost my fear of heights. Even after spending 24 years in the Air Force. I'm okay with flying, but not so good at amusement park rides. The Disney Tower of Terror was hard for me, but my little girl held my sweaty hand.