Was Located in Hope Valley, RI.
The Enchanted Forest, a Fairy Tale-themed amusement park
was opened in 1971in Hope Valley, Rhode Island.
Throughout its lifetime it wasmainly a younger-kid
oriented family park. The park contained rides such as
a kid roller coaster, bumper cars, a merry go round, as well as having
a live petting zoo. Due to low money flow
The Enchanted Forest was bought out and
subsequently closed in 2005.
The park is accessible due to the lack of fencing.


  1. Moved to Richmond in 2001 when my boys were 18 monts old and 6 wks old and had always planned to take them when they got bigger. Never got the chance to visit the "Encham-pit" Forest! =(

  2. We loved going to 'chanted Forest! Fond memories of the "old woman who lived in a shoe" slide, the big pirate ship, and the suspension bridge.

  3. I feel very old! I remember getting drunk at Muldoon's, getting my
    mechanical drafting cert. at Hall Insitute and going out to eat at the
    Rusty Scupper. Amazing step back!

    Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

    S. Perry

  4. Every year at vacation time (the week of July 4th) we would take my 2 nephews and my niece to The Enchanted Forest. Was always a very enjoyable day, close by, and cozy small. Just perfect for little tykes. What a shame that everything has to be so HUGE or it cannot survive today. But the memories linger.

  5. Took my kids there once. They loved the rope ladders. The roller coaster was terrible - my youngest who was a tough little cookie, could barely get off, his back was bruised for a week - no padding, no seat belts. Never went back.

  6. I remember going there many times as a kid in the 1970s and early 1980s with my grandparents. We lived in North Kingstown, and there wasn't much to do in the southern part of the state. All of the action was from Warwick on north.