GLADDINGS - Located Downtown &
Wayland Square, Providence.


  1. My sister (Joyce Flannagin) worked at the Wayland Square store in the gift wrapping dept. My friends and I would visit her there often

  2. My Mom worked at Gladdings in Garden City in the 60's

  3. My sweet Irish grandmother, Teresa, never dared to go inside because she believed
    Gladdings was for rich people. For her, it was the Outlet Company and Sheperds
    all the way! Sad. I remember tagging along with mom shopping when she always
    exclaimed..."Charge and Send". Those were the days.

  4. I live in Ozone Park, NY. I went into a 99 cents store by me yesterday, and was going through clothing that is sold in there for real cheap, $3.99. I think the owner had a cleaners or a few cleaners because they are always bringing fresh cleaned clothing in to sell. As I was going through the items, I came across a Vintage Womens Jacket from Gladdings. Beautiful Jacket, I knew it had to be from the 1960's Made so well, black with a beautiful Collar, ( I think it may be rabbit ) There's no Tags inside , except for the Gladdings Label, so I don't know the material. I was hoping I could find it here. No luck. I wish I knew where to look for this jacket.