THE MAJESTIC THEATER, Now the Trininty Theater
Located at 201 Washington Street, Providence, RI,
The theater opened in 1917 with vaudeville as well as movies.


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  2. My favorite movie theatre EVER. They would always have the latest Disney films. I remember seeing OLD YELLER and MARY POPPINS here. When MARY POPPINS opened, the line for the show went all the way to the back on the building (on both sides). Going to the movies was such an event in those days. An usher with a flashlight would guide you to your seat if you came in after the movie started. You would sit in the plush seats and when the film was about to start the house lights flashed, then went down, and a big red velvet curtain would open to reveal the screen. The ladies' room was downstairs and was plush and huge. The last movie I saw here was AIRPORT.

  3. Linda great story. What happened to those times? Things are just not the way they used to be.

  4. Majestic was THE best place for movies. Remember going there to see Fred MacMurray as the Absent Minded Professor as a kid. When I started working, none of us had cars but would bus it home, change and bus it back to see the newest films. It was always crowded, too.

  5. I'm reading a book about the three stooges and they performed here when it was the majestic

    1. Yes, it started as a vaudeville house. I believe George Burns and Gracie Allen performed there, too.