1. We lived about a mile from the Park Theatre, which was a second-run house, and saw some great movies there, including some horror film that scared the bejesus out of me. It was on a double bill with THE FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE. Later I saw MY SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN there. Great place.

  2. Still the Park Theatre but now a small performing arts center. I haven't been in but they have plays, concerts. The Beach Boys are coming or have come there recently.
    It was a Sat. afternoon tradition - 35 cents to get in. Loved that place.

  3. Saw many a movie there growing up, but the most outstanding memory is seeing The Godfather for the first time. Was only 13 and still don't know how my friends and I were allowed in lol. To this day, cannot watch the scene with the horse's head without thinking of the Park Cinema,

  4. Lived on Park Avenue in 1977, walked to the theatre often. It was so nice to have a neighborhood venue that was close by.

  5. Lived in Edgewood growing up so I remember this place quite well. My dad took to see Animal House there when it first came out.

  6. We lived close enough to walk there with our 12 year old legs. Starting at age
    5, my father took me to 100 Westerns and World War II movies--every one.
    "Run Silent Run Deep" "The Searchers" were typical--great posters in the lobby,
    decent little snack bar, and blue tinted clocks on either side of the screen.
    We'd also go to the Elmwood Theater a few miles East of there.