THE OLD STONE BANK, Providence, was a popular Rhode Island banking
institution. Founded as a mutual savings bank, the Providence Institution for Savings,
in 1819, It collapsed in the 1990s after the federal government convinced it to take
over two failed savings and loan institutions, but reneged on its promise that it would not
hurt the bank to do so. Its mascot was Fred Flintstone, who would say in commercials
"Yabba-dabba-doo, love that Old Stone Bank!"


  1. This was our bank until it closed. Because of the Flintstone ads, the first ATM machines was called the "Ready Freddy." In school we had savings accounts that we added to every week. Old Stone had blue (maybe green? it was 40 years ago, after all) envelopes and Citizens Bank had pink ones. There was a big rivalry between the blue envelope people and the pink envelope people. When Citizens bought out Old Stone I couldn't help thinking they'd been taken over by "the enemy." LOL.

  2. Those cherry lollipops that they used to give out made me gag. My sister loved them, though.

  3. Absolutely right, Linda. I was an Old Stone green envelope guy.
    Pass your envelopes forward in the row to the front, class - Every Tuesday morning.

  4. Had my first account there. It was a $2 a week Christmas Club.