ZAYRE Discount department stores founded in 
1956 in Hyannis Massachusetts.
In October 1988, TJX completed the sale of its Zayre Stores 

division to Ames Department Stores.


  1. The Zayre in Middletown was a Warawick Shopper's World first, then was Zayre, then became Ames. Star Market was right next door. There was a connecting door on the inside between the two stores.

    1. Warwick Shopper's World with the tall counter and jukebox. When I was young my girlfriend and I would walk down there after school, split a popcorn and a soda and I would play nothing but "Whole Lotta Love" every time! After that, we'd go to Adam's Drugstore next to Star Market and read the teen mags ... seems like heaven now.

  2. I remember shopping at Zayre and Star Market. I won a contest at Star Market in the summer of 1979. I got to meet Jim Rice and Butch Hobson of the Boston Red Sox. My brother was so mad. The prize wasn't transferrable. I also remember the Hospital Trust Bank in that same shopping center.