ERNIE'S, on Broad Street - Every kind of Penny Candy
you could imagine & the best homemade ice cream!


  1. The soda fountain was the best!!! My best friend and I would look foreard to going every Saturday morning for the hot balls and freeze pops.

  2. ERNIE'S! A chocolate cone and a pack of baseball cards while my Dad enjoyed a coffee cabinet and some conversation with Jack and Ernie. Edgewood was a GREAT place to grow up. (Today a kid can go to the corner of Broad and Shaw and get some Mussels Zuppa w/ Crostini. I'm just saying...)
    Please! Someone must have some old photos of Ernie's to post here. I'd love to go back.

  3. Does anyone remember Ernie's last name? Was it Luby? His brother Jack worked there with him too.

    1. I want to say Lucci. Pretty sure. I knew them well but, Dang, that was a long time ago.

      Does anyone remember when they closed? I can't recall if I was still in Edgewood at the time.

  4. They had the best chocolate chip ice cream. grew up in Edgewood. There was another place like Ernies on the corner of Wheeler and Broad St. I believe it was called Jerry's Chemist shop.

  5. Best ice cream ever. Vanilla, coffee, or chocolate chip, I have never had anything as good as Ernie's

  6. Jerry's was hardly similar to Ernie's.
    I think Jerry's was a pharmacy. Ernie' s was ice cream, penny candy, gum stuck under the counter and boys hanging on the corner.

  7. I grew up across the road from Ernie's.
    I have the teeth to show it. Hahaha